Services we offer

Our core competency are translations from English to Russian and back. We also have French, German and Chinese translators.
Helix Translate works only with corporate entities: we prefer large scopes and are used to tight deadlines as well as to high level of responsibility.

Written Translation
Written translation services are the key focus of our Company.

Since Helix Translate is a project-oriented company, we attract translators with specialized education or extensive experience in the required field for specific projects. Then we study background materials and other information on the project, maintain the term base and attract experts for consultations. Even our managers are technical translators.

Organization of the process
Thanks to this approach, the project is not assigned to come-and-go translators. Instead, we form a translating team. Uniform terminology specific for your project is ensured. All requirements to execution are observed. High rate of translation is ensured without sacrificing high quality. As a result, we become an integral part of your project.

Experience: Only over the last four years, we’ve translated over 70 thousand pages of documents in the following fields:
  • Project management
  • Civil works
  • Dredging
  • Electrical equipment
  • Instrumentation & Automation
  • Pipelines
  • Process
  • HSE
  • Procurement
  • Legal aspects
  • Quality control and assurance
Types of translated documents:
  • Job Design Specifications (JDS) for engineering and construction
  • Analysis of building structures
  • Drawings of piles and foundations
  • Job Supply Specifications (JSS)
  • Quality control plans
  • Interlock logic diagrams
  • Equipment drawings
  • Pipeline and Instrumentation Diagrams (PID)
  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)
  • Construction work procedures
  • HSE procedures
  • Organizational project diagrams
  • Project procedures
  • Inspection reports
  • Expediting reports (schedule control)
  • Outstanding working lists
  • Instructions for on-site work performance
  • Document Review Comments (DRC)
  • Data sheets
  • Material requisitions
  • Technical proposals tabulation
  • Commercial proposals tabulation
  • Letters, e-mails, meeting minutes
  • Monthly and weekly progress reports
  • Supply contracts
Legal and financial documents
Translation of documents in these fields requires attention and responsibility. Therefore, our finished translations are edited by working lawyers and financial officers. We are committed to accuracy of our translation.

Your success is the guarantee of our well-being!
Consecutive Interpreting
Helix Translate possesses rich experience of interpretation. Our interpreters have worked at numerous negotiations, visited coal quarries, descended into the constructed tunnels, accompanied engineers during reconstruction of refineries, spent time on drilling platforms. The founders of the company themselves have worked as interpreters for many years and perfectly understand the specifics of the profession. You can be sure that we’ll select a top-quality and reliable specialist to suit your requirements.
Simultaneous  Interpreting
This type of interpreting is required mainly at large international forums or conferences. We are glad to be acquainted and cooperating with the leading simultaneous interpreters of Russia who interpret for the top governmental officials and heads of corporations. Thanks to perfect organization and availability of equipment for simultaneous interpreting, you’ll be able to understand what the speaker is saying without any delay.
DTP and Publishing
We can provide you with a printing service to print presentations, advertising materials, business cards, maps, calendars, etc. We also provide various design and DTP services. Any work can be done quickly and to the highest quality at our own digital printing center.
Full-Service Linguistic Support for Largescale Events and Projects
Your company has started to work in Russia, and you might need reliable people to set your business up and going here. The first thing you will probably need is translations.
Interpreters and drivers, office rental and hotel reservation, airport transfers and notarial certifications — we take everything upon ourselves. You simply tell us what you need and we provide all the services.

Need help with a project?